The Summicron C 40mm a step in another direction.

Leica M2 with the 40mm Summicron C

Leica M2 with the 40mm Summicron C

The really frustrating thing about the 40mm Summicron C and the 90mm Elmar C is that Leica for some reason used a non standard thread so there are no hoods or filters available at a reasonable cost. The original rubber hoods have long since perished. The UV and other filters sold on eBay are expensive or scratched or both. As a result of this need and frustration I got a friend of mine who does precision machining to make a few step rings. These rings take the filter thread size on the lens to the standard 40.5mm a size that offers hoods and filters galore. I have a few available at AUD $24 each. Subscribe or comment to order…

The 40mm Summicron C with the new 40.5mm ring

The 40mm Summicron C with the new 40.5mm ring

The Leica ƒ2 Summicron C was introduced in 1973 as a ‘kit lens’ with the Leica CL. I won’t go into the histrionics of what has become a somewhat contraversal Leica and Minolta camera other than to say that yours truly never owned one but wanted to…

The new 40.5mm ring with UV Hoya filter

The new 40.5mm ring with UV Hoya filter

I guess that many Leica CL cameras have died over the years and became separated from their excellent 40 and 90mm lenses that they were originally sold with.
Forty millimetre lenses are uncommon but its a focal length that I happen to be quite fond of.

The 40mm Summicron C with the new 40.5mm ring and filter

The 40mm Summicron C with the new 40.5mm ring and filter

The first 40mm I ever used was a ƒ4.5 Tessar on a college owned Praktica, then later a Pentax 40mm ƒ2.8 pancake which was a fine lens by any measure fitted to the MX. One could cross country ski with an MX the forty fitted another lens in a jacket pocket and a few rolls of film in the other.

The 40mm Summicron C with the new 40.5mm ring filters and hood

The 40mm Summicron C with the new 40.5mm ring filters and hood

More recently the 40mm ƒ2 Voigtlander for the Canon EOS mount this is also a stunning lens and one which makes me regret leaving the Canon fold for Leica. But dear Canon your full frame cameras are just too darned big and heavy. The fact remains however, that generally all the 40mm lenses I have used are very small in comparison, tack sharp with low distortion and pleasant colour characteristics. But more than all these positive attributes even with varying viewing angles the 40mm focal length just looks and feels right through the viewfinder. A 35mm is a bit wide and a 50mm is a bit narrow but a forty feels just right for most conditions

This is also all true with the Leica 40mm Summicron C that I acquired a couple of years ago for use with the M9.

Leica M2 with the 40mm Summicron C

Leica M2 with the tiny 40mm Summicron C

David Bailey makes a photograph of the Queen…


God save our gracious queen long live our noble  queen god save the queeenBy any standard this is a cracking good portrait and of all that yours truly has seen this is perhaps the best. The dear Queen is used to smiling she probably has to force a smile when she doesn’t want to. I get the sense that David Bailey has said something genuinely funny and the queen responded spontaneously…

David chats…
I never tire of listening to David Bailey he was something of a hero when I was a student even to the extent where I used to buy womens magazines in order to look at his work. Then there was the weekend supplements and that film ‘Blowup’ that was supposedly based on the fast a furious life of Bailey. A real shame that the star of the film David Hemmings died so young. But I digress, Bailey had exhibition a couple of years ago ‘David Bailey’s east end’ and here is an interview and the fleeting glance of his camera of choice.

Incidently I believe this movie was shot on a an Olympus…


Who doesn’t read Steve Huff Photo?

Steve Huff is for all those who do not read his blog is a dedicated Leicaphile and he encourages those of like mind to contribute articles and photos as I do, for anyone who is interested.
However, on the second of April a fellow Leica M using bloke called John Goerten visited a big top circus and ran off a string of as it happened documentary type photos. Low light flamboyant colours and action is a testy mix for any camera but John scored and captured some winners so go take a squisy you won’t be disappointed. Mostly done on a lens that yours truly knows well the 90mm 2.8 Elmarit, yet again an older lens proves its worth.
Good stuff John…


Let us roam, Leica takes shorts, movies that is…

Leica is sponsoring a series of short movies, the first introduction appeared on Vimeo last month. With a crew of 12 doing the work this is serious stuff on an M type 240…

LET US ROAM – Official Trailer from Let Us Roam on Vimeo.

And there is more –

LET US ROAM – Ray Barbee from Let Us Roam on Vimeo.

This five minute short video about skate boards music and Leica photography a potent mix very well done
Its really pleasing that Leica is sponsoring quality work like this. An area of creativity that up until this release they have not been known for recently. Leica did make Standard 8 cine cameras in the 60’s and now they are back again with the Mtype 240 A universal camera!


Left handed Leica M?

Left handed Leica M is this a Graphic designers idea of a joke mistake or just did not know that this is blasphemy


Is this for real? I have a good left handed friend who struggles with DSLRs because they are all designed for right handed people. Well John suffer no longer Leica has the answer a left handed M. I seem to recall seeing a lefty adaptor years ago. In my fuzzed brained memory it seems it might even have been a Leica product. Personally I can’t help thinking this is an almost blasphemes, ignorant, perhaps a workaround by a graphic designer stuck for a solution to an obscure visual problem. Or a creation destined for a million dollar auction in the distant future… All very strange, answers anyone!

A new interview with Stefan Daniel from Leica

Looks like a Stefan Daniel product warm up to me, just to get us salivating and developing a bit more GAS…

On another topic. Because the Leica Chronicles are no longer available in print the wonderful Erwin Puts has decided to sell the book as a PDF for Euro 15 (AUD 23.00) on his web site. Its worth every cent I downloaded it and have been dropping in and out all day to grab snippits of worthwhile Leica knowledge, wishing I had the time and just read cover to cover.
The last Leica Compendium has been available in this format for some time at a cost of Euro 30.
I’m hoping that the up coming Leica Practicum will be available as a PDF at the time of publication as I have grown so comfortable with reading on an iPad…

Hello its me, I thought about it for a long long time…

So that lovely 70’s song by Todd Rundgren goes. Six or seven weeks goes by so quickly, yours truly is preparing for a move so as to expand his photographic oportunities and this is the reason for the lack of posts. Sometimes the stuff of life and needs of family just get in the way of the things that one wants to spend time doing. However I have had some small time to keep up with the machinations of the Leica world and one of the things that is worth reading is short piece Buddhafield: shooting with an M type 240.

Another E book has also been published by another Leica convert Joeri van der Kloet Its called Work your M at $22 for 44 pages its a bit on the steep side but it looks interesting.
If Joeri wants to send me a copy I will gladly review it for him… hint hint!

While this correspondent does not own an M type240 yet, I will some time later this year, it will happen – ‘the stuff of life’ just keeps getting in the way I did however find a really nice M2. I have wanted a wholly manual M for some time and the M2 fits the bill it has frame line for 35’s which is closest to my ideal focal length of 40mm. Most of my darkroom kit has been packed away for some years but I have on average processed one film every few months in Rodinal. There is something about the craft of wet photography that is magnetic in a way that downloading an SD card is not. I sort of knew that if I bought another film camera it would be a Leica The last film camera this photographer spent money on was in the 1990’s besides I felt I was loosing touch with the Leica shooting technique and I just had to keep my hand in. Besides I have a stack of film in the freezer that should be used. Here’s one of the first results. In W.A. at this time of year its a huge struggle to keep the dev at 20 degrees so stand development is out until cooler weather. This is a bit more contrasty than I would have preferred, I have not used Ilford LC29 for many years but I’m reasonably happy with the result even though the cost of developers have gone through the roof $32 for a 500ml bottle Sheee. Sunset in my back garden shot with a 35mm MS perar

Leica M2 in the Jarrah forest