Ming Thein writes a working photographers review of – another two month wait, Leica M…

I have to confess I enjoyed reading Ming Thein’s working review of his experience with the M type 240. I could be wrong in saying this having never met Ming Thein and only knowing him through what I have read on his rather special blog. But I suspect he is not a native English speaker and as such he has this wonderful facility for absolutely clear descriptions of his subject matter. Think, some of the recent novels written in English by Indian novelists or even Abba they sang songs where one could hear every word and nuance. Description is everything!  This is not always true of  native English speakers including yours truly.
My nearest and dearest grew up and was educated at the tail end of British colonialism in a one time colony. Here again she has a firmer grip of the English language and its grammatical structure in a way that being British educated I take for granted and all to often abuse.
But I digress. Ming Thein’s review is good, he states clearly his likes and criticisms and it is now quite obvious with his sample images that the CMOSIS possesses a greater depth and warmth of tone than the M9 which had a distinctive cooler northern European (?) feel to it. To me personally  this is a good thing because it indicates that the Leica glass is more neutral than I previously believed. In some respects some of Ming Thein’s images remind me of the qualities that Agfa CT transparency film presented. Its purely observation and a bit of supposition on my part but I have often thought images shot on Leica’s with Agfa film and processed with Agfa chemistry have a distinct look and quality. Again I’m guessing that the ‘Gnomes in Solms’ may have had that in mind in the designing process.  Zeiss lenses always appeared warmer to my eye on the M9 it will be very interesting to see the results on the M 240.
After surfing through a few of Ming Thein’s previous posts KL looks like it has changed a lot since my last visit I really must visit Malaysia again soon not only for the photo opportunities but also for the food, Nonya is absolutely my favourite cuisene…

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